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Betty Curnow
Three figures


A print by one of the iconic subjects of New Zealand portraiture

Artist: Betty Curnow (1911-2005)
Title: Three figures
Date: 1979 (?)
School: New Zealand
Medium: collograph with polyvinyl-acetate
Dimensions: 430 x 305mm (image), 525 x 360mm (support)
Watermark: none

Inscriptions/marks: on the support in graphite lower left <<Three Figures 18/20 (2)>>; on the support in graphite lower right <<Betty Curnow>>; on the support lower left below and to the right of the <<(2)>> indentation of an erased mark <<(79/53)>>
Condition: good condition, framed and glazed
Description: three abstracted standing figures in an interior
Reference: Peter Cape, Prints and printmakers in New Zealand, Auckland: William Collins, 1974, pp. 67-73
Provenance: Webb’s 2023